htop in popular culture :-D

To my complete amazement, htop has been featured in a few pieces of media over the years. It always makes my day when someone emails me telling they've spotted htop in a film or TV show. I find it extremely flattering, because I think it's a sign that I nailed the particular kind of aesthetic I was going for when I designed its UI. At Hugo Gualandi's suggestion, here's a page with some of these sightings. Please email me if you find more! :)

"Watch Dogs 2" (2016), video game. htop appears in the character's phone. Thanks to @digital_night_owl for the link!

Video for Jean-Michel Jarre's "Oxygene 17" (2016). Thanks to Chris Clemson for the screenshot!

"Mr. Robot" (2015), TV series. It's clearly a Hollywood mockup and not the actual software, but it's pretty evident they were going for the htop look. :) Thanks to Hugo Gualandi for the screenshot!

"The Fifth Estate" (2013), movie. Another Hollywood mockup, but the trademark look of the meters is there. :) Thanks to Pierre Chapuis for the link!