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YouTube - I have a channel where I post both my tech and music stuff! As they say around those parts, “Please like, subscribe and ring the bell” — I mean, ringing the bell is probably a bit too much but subscribing would already make my day. ;)
Twitch - I have a Twitch channel as well, where I occasionally stream coding stuff!
Mastodon - An open source decentralized social network, whose servers are maintained by people who actually care about their users! What’s not to like? Join Mastodon now!
Twitter - I still have a Twitter account, while I wait for all of you to migrate to Mastodon!
Github - A good deal of my free software activity is hosted in Github. I still have a SourceForge account, but everything should be migrated by now.
LinkedIn - Here’s my LinkedIn account. Add me if we worked together or send me a message if you’d like to talk business!


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