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🔗 Audacious with classic Winamp 1.x skin

Inspired by my friend Tiago, I installed the classic Winamp skin in my MP3 player of choice, Audacious. I had forgotten how useable it is — better contrast and easier targets to click than all of the other skins shipped by default with Audacious.

A port of the Winamp skin is available at Gnome-Look.

For your copy’n'pasting pleasure, here’s how to dowload, unpack and install it from the command line:

wget http://gnome-look.org/CONTENT/content-files/64790-Winamp.tar.gz
tar zxvpf 64790-Winamp.tar.gz
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/audacious/Skins
mv Winamp ~/.local/share/audacious/Skins

For Audacious 2.x: In Audacious, choose View → Interface → Winamp Classic Interface. Open Preferences (Ctrl+P) and go to the Skinned Interface pane.

For Audacious 3.x: In Audacious, choose File → Settings… → “Appearance” tab. In “Interface Settings” choose “Winamp Classic Interface”.

There should be a “Winamp” entry in the list of skins now. Pick it and enjoy this true classic.

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