The latest version is 2.2.0.

You can obtain it freely in two forms:

What's new in htop 2.2.0:

What's new in htop 2.1.0:

What's new in htop 2.0.2:

What's new in htop 2.0.1:

What's new in htop 2.0.0:


Building htop is straightforward, as it uses GNU Autotools: the typical ./configure; make; sudo make install should do the trick. However, you may prefer to use binaries packaged for your distribution, see below.

If you like htop, feel free to buy the author a beer. :-)


Packages for htop are available in most distros. Try the package manager from your system; chances are htop is available from there.

Known problems in older distributions: htop uses features of the C99 standard; therefore it fails to build with very old compilers.