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I pulse, sweat and cry music, whether I want it or not. I’m very fortunate to have some extremely talented friends with whom I share the stage every now and then.

Music I write

on YouTube - Lately I’ve been posting the music I write and record at home on my YouTube channel. “Please like, subscribe and ring the bell!” ;)
Color Bleed - I wrote all music and lyrics, and then recorded it with a group of friends with whom I had collaborated in previous projects. You can listen to our album listen online, with lyrics and also download the mp3 files for free. Go check it out!

Other music I played

Fink Ployd - It started as a wild dream but it turned into an ever wilder reality: the Fink Ployd project was a multimedia event in which we perform the Pink Floyd album “The Dark Side of the Moon” in its entirety, aiming for the utmost fidelity to the original work.
Flaming Pie - I also had a great time playing with Flaming Pie, a band that paid tribute to my favorite artists of all time, the Beatles.
Misplaced Childhood - Recordings of a solo rendition of Marillion’s album Misplaced Childhood, performed only on vocals and an unplugged electric guitar, recorded live. You can listen to it online.


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