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🔗 Notes on the configuration of keys for Dit

These are some “notes to self”, in case I ever need to reconfigure a terminal to get all keys working properly on Dit:

Command line for urxvt

urxvt -cr green -fn '*-lode-*' -fb '*-lode-*' -fi '*-lode-*' -fbi '*-lode-*' \
-bg black -fg '#c7c7c7' -sb -sr +st -sl -1 -b 0 -tn rxvt

Setting Ctrl-Shift on urxvt

Add this to ~/.Xdefaults:

urxvt.saveLines: 10000
urxvt.keysym.C-S-Up: \033[1;6A
urxvt.keysym.C-S-Down: \033[1;6B
urxvt.keysym.C-S-Right: \033[1;6C
urxvt.keysym.C-S-Left: \033[1;6D
urxvt.iso14755: false
urxvt.iso14755_52: false
urxvt.colorBD: #fff
urxvt.colorIT: #ddf

The “saveLines” is unrelated, but it’s nice to have. :)

Force Ctrl-H to generate ^H (0×08)


infocmp | grep kbs

If it says “kbs=^H”, there’s your problem. Run:

infocmp > rules.txt

Edit rules.txt to make sure it says “kbs=177”. Then recompile/reinstall the file with:

sudo tic rules.txt

Running it with “sudo” will make it sure it reinstalls to the proper systemwide place, or else it will install to ~/.terminfo and you’ll have to configure the $TERMINFO variable properly.

(Terminfo information from this page.)

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