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🔗 Finally got rid of a/ and b/ in git diff outputs!

You know how there are these little annoyances that are just mild enough so that you do nothing about it?

In the world of open source there’s always this notion of “if you want something to be different, the code is there, you can change it”, but most often this is not practical: I would never go about carrying a patched version of Git with me to every machine I work on just because of the annoying `a/` and `b/` prefixes that show up on Git diffs.

But those tiny prefixes always made me unable to select and paste a filename with a double-click and a middle-click on the terminal.

Today, after who knows how many years, I decided to make a search about it — “I can’t be the only one annoyed by this, right?” — and lo and behold: someone did ask about this on StackOverflow, and there is a global configuration to disable those prefixes:

git config --global diff.noprefix true

And just like that, this annoyance is gone!


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